Use of AutoCAD in Interior Designing Course and its Prospects

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AutoCAD (computer Aided Design) is computer software which is used to draw 2D and 3 D drawing. It is extensively used in all engineering branches such as civil, electrical and mechanical. It is also used by interior designers and architectures. Interior designing students draw 3D representations for interior designing.

With AutoCAD, an interior design student learns the basic of AutoCAD. The basic course includes making blocks, understanding ribbon and annotations and dimensions, learning ability to see drawing on screen, ability to use lines, circles, rectangles, copy and arc. They are taught to draw the basic floor plan.

Besides these courses, each candidate is exposed to basic practices and tools in sketch up. This basic tool gives them ability to use different tools such as zoom, push, pull, measuring, and pan and orbit tools.

Interior designers must know how to draw 3D interior space and add colors and finishes. This software gives them preview of the design; they want to create when they add furniture and accessories in 3D design. They further draw a building and add windows, roofs and doors.

Prospects of interior designing course –

The opportunities for interior designers have increased in recent years. Luxury lifestyles and need to give personal touch to living space, has created space for interior designers. From boutiques hotels to homes and even hospitals engage service of interior designers to give proper image to their space.

Major architecture firms, hotels, resorts and big residential infrastructure developers have their own in- house interior designers. Similarly, the one will advance training and specialization can go for landscape designing or industrial designing.

Retail boom has also made interior designers as one of the fastest growing field. Major shopping complex hire services of interior designers to give an attractive design based on particular theme, like classic or trendy designs.

With skill, experience and entrepreneurship, one can start independent business or function as consultant in interior designing.

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Institutes offering AutoCAD –

To cater to the demand in engineering and interior designing, large numbers of institutes have emerged in Delhi. They have flexible time schedules to meet the need of employed students and other who want to pursue part time courses. Training schedules varies from regular classes to weekend classes and Sunday only classes. Some institutes offers master course to those who have done designing course or have knowledge of technologies related to industry.

AutoCAD Institutes in Delhi give training in two models, 2D and 3D. The projects like building, 3D elevation and multi story plan, are made by students during training period. Same institutions also offer Interior Designing Courses in Delhi which take a student from basic to advanced level with ample projects to work on. Placement supports is part of the all interior designing courses. Apart from in house training, students are exposed to real projects to learn the execution of knowledge.

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